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What is Inflatable Laryngeal Mask used for?

Inflatable Laryngeal Mask is a special type of snorkel, also known as a laryngeal mask, because it can be used to cover the larynx with a flat, long sleeve made of silicone rubber.

2023-08-15 00:00:00

Inflatable Laryngeal Mask is a special type of snorkel, also known as a laryngeal mask, because it can be used to cover the larynx with a flat, long sleeve made of silicone rubber. Inflatable Laryngeal Mask is suitable for patients under general anesthesia, emergency department, ICU and emergency and resuscitation patients in various departments, and patients with difficult airway. It is an effective means to establish respiratory airway in general anesthesia operation.

What is Inflatable Laryngeal Mask used for?

1. Surgery without the risk of vomiting and reflux, especially in cases of difficulty in tracheal intubation. Inflatable Laryngeal Mask can be used as an effective emergency ventilator for patients with difficult intubation, while the standard respirator cannot maintain effective ventilation.

2. When intubation is difficult and forced use of laryngeal catheter is required, laryngeal catheter can be used as a guide for tracheal intubation. The tracheal catheter guide or fiberoptic bronchoscope is inserted into the laryngeal mask and into the trachea, and then the tracheal catheter is inserted into the trachea;

3, Through the laryngeal mask can be performed fiber optic bronchoscope laser ablation vocal cords, trachea or bronchial small tumor surgery;

4. When there are greater concerns about the need to move the head for endotracheal intubation in patients with cervical instability, it is best to use laryngeal ventilation, so that there is no need to do mobile operations on the head and neck;

5. Laryngeal mask is suitable for ophthalmic surgery, which can cause less cough and vomiting after IOP increase. The reaction of laryngeal mask removal is light, and the fluctuation width of IOP is small, which is conducive to ensuring the therapeutic effect of eye surgery and is beneficial to patients with angle-closure glaucoma.

6. Laparoscopy affects breathing due to elevation of diaphragm caused by pneumoperitoneum, and insertion of laryngeal mask is conducive to ventilation of patients. The duration of the laparoscopy is usually short, and the use of a laryngeal mask is generally less likely to cause vomiting;

7, the placement of laryngeal mask during emergency resuscitation is relatively simple, convenient, reliable, and can fight for precious time. According to statistics, 86% of patients with cardiopulmonary resuscitation with laryngeal placement were able to obtain satisfactory ventilation results before defibrillation;

8, suitable for body surface and limbs general anesthesia surgery without muscle relaxation, but also suitable for facial burn patients.

The advantages of Inflatable Laryngeal Mask

1, easy to operate, can quickly build artificial airway;

2, high placement success rate, reliable ventilation;

3, avoid throat and trachea mucosa damage;

4, less stimulation and small cardiovascular response;

5, can be used for emergency situations.

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