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Definition and types of medical consumables

The definition of medical consumables refers to consumable medical devices approved by the drug regulatory department for limited use, including disposable and reusable medical consumables.

2023-08-24 00:00:00

The definition of medical consumables refers to consumable medical devices approved by the drug regulatory department for limited use, including disposable and reusable medical consumables.

Types of medical consumables

There are many types of medical consumables required for medical activities, and the classification standards are not the same. Most hospitals classify them according to their actual work. Common classification methods include the following:

1. Classification by value

medical consumables are complex in size and vary widely in price. In daily management, in order to achieve targeted management and achieve better management results, medical consumables are generally divided into low-value consumables and high-value consumables according to the value of consumables and combined with clinical practical application.

1) Low-value consumables refer to sanitary materials with relatively low unit price and no need to implant or intervene in the human body (such as infusion sets, syringes, dressings). Low-value consumables are commonly used in hospital departments. Although the unit price is relatively low, such consumables are in large demand and widely used in departments. They are basic consumables for hospitals to carry out routine diagnosis and treatment activities, and occupy a large amount of warehouse space and inventory costs in hospitals (the cost of low-value consumables in tertiary general hospitals accounts for about 1/3 of the total cost of consumables).

2) High-value consumables refer to medical consumables that directly act on the human body, have strict requirements for safety, have large clinical use, have relatively high price, and have heavy cost burden on patients, including vascular intervention, orthopedic implantation, neurosurgery, electrophysiology, pacemaker, etc. This kind of consumables are mostly specialized materials, relatively low value consumables, the use of less, but the price is expensive, occupying the hospital master working capital and inventory costs.

2. medical consumables can be divided into seven categories according to their different uses in clinical medical activities, including injection puncture and polymer materials, medical hygiene materials and dressings, some commonly used medical instruments in operating rooms, medical X-ray accessory equipment and components, dialyzers and dialysis pipes, and intraocular lenses. And special consumables such as catheter, guide wire and stent for clinical departments.

3. Classify according to characteristics

In the daily management of medical consumables, they can be classified according to their characteristics.

1) According to whether consumables can be implanted in the human body, they are divided into implantable consumables and non-implantable consumables;

2) Consumables can be divided into domestic consumables and imported consumables according to the production area;

3) Consumables can be divided into stock management consumables and customized consumables according to whether the specifications can be determined before the operation (such as bone plates, bone nails and other consumables can be determined during the operation);

4) It is divided into disposable consumables and repeatable consumables according to whether they can be reused.

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