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Application and development of anesthesia supplies

anesthesia supplies are mainly used in out-of-hospital applications, such as field operations, disaster relief, and emergency surgery.

2023-11-15 00:00:00

  anesthesia supplies are mainly used in out-of-hospital applications, such as field operations, disaster relief, and emergency surgery. Because anesthesia supplies are more portable compared with conventional anesthesia supplies in different environments, it should be extended to intelligent integration and multi-function on the basis of this principle.

  anesthesia supplies required structure: anesthesia evaporator, respiratory support system, respiratory circuit. As one of the core components of the anesthesia machine, the volatile tank must ensure that the anesthetic gas has an accurate volatile concentration when releasing the anesthetic, and the anesthesia depth can be controlled. The respiratory circuit is to provide respiratory support for patients under anesthesia, including the oxygen mixing of anesthetic gas, the exchange of exhaled gas and anesthetic gas, the absorption of exhaled carbon dioxide gas, and the switch of manual mechanical control state. In short, the basic composition of the portable anesthesia machine is similar to the structure of the ordinary anesthesia machine, but the design is more considered small and portable.

  Domestic anesthesia supplies were initially developed, which are simple in structure, bulky and inconvenient to carry. There is an evaporator but no automatic respiratory support system under machine control. With the development of technology, anesthesia supplies in a true sense can be applied in a variety of Settings.

  What anesthesia supplies are about: Lightweight and portable. Functional units tend to be small, integrated and modular. Low power consumption: In the case of limited power supply and origin, limited resources should be used to the maximum extent. Strong structure: used with a variety of harsh environments, to have dust, moisture and other characteristics. Moreover, anesthesia supplies users are not necessarily professional anesthesiologists, so it is best to design an "automatic emergency control" mode for emergency use and those who do not have knowledge of operating ventilators.

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